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Redefining Computing:
Mirroring the Physical World

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Purdue University
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A Revolutionary Computing Paradigm

The conventional computing paradigm is facing a sustainability crisis, threatened by the looming realities of future AI models: skyrocketing costs, slow processing speeds, and high power consumption, all of which challenge its future viability.

Over a decade ago, our team laid the foundations for the probabilistic computing paradigm with p-bits. By harnessing natural randomness, we've simplified large circuits into fewer devices, enabling unprecedented parallelism. This breakthrough allows us to embed real-world models into autonomous, intelligent hardware, delivering significantly higher throughput, speed, and efficiency than conventional hardware.

With decades of expertise in alternative computing and the semiconductor industry, our team includes a distinguished member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). We are visionaries and executors, turning innovative concepts into milestones acknowledged by premier institutions.


Pioneering at the Confluence of Algorithms, Devices, and Circuits: Harnessing natural probability


Enables Self-Updating Capabilities

Full Solution

Enabling complete algorithms with the power of interconnected autonomous devices


1 Belvedere Place, Suite 200

Mill Valley, CA 94941

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