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Redefining Computing: Mirroring the Physical World, Beyond Clocked Digital Constraints

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A Revolutionary Computing Approach

The prevailing computing infrastructure, especially for generative AI, faces a critical sustainability crisis. It is beleaguered by an unrelenting demand for increased processing power, exorbitant costs, and substantial energy consumption, all of which jeopardize its future viability.

At Ludwig, we are poised to disrupt this status quo by pioneering a groundbreaking chip technology specifically engineered for contemporary AI applications. Our approach leverages novel devices that harness the principles of natural physics to directly perform complex computing tasks. These devices are seamlessly integrated into state-of-the-art, clock-free recurrent circuits that function autonomously, dramatically reducing both the chip size and energy requirements, while concurrently enhancing processing speeds.

Our core team embodies a wealth of experience, spanning decades in the semiconductor sector, and includes esteemed members of the National Academy of Engineering. These experts have spearheaded pivotal research in computing, culminating in groundbreaking findings that have been featured in the most prestigious technical journals, including Nature. Significantly, our contributions have been recognized as central to the initiatives at the Semiconductor Research Corporation's STARnet Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces, and Novel Architectures (C-SPIN), setting new benchmarks for excellence in semiconductor research.


Pioneering at the Confluence of Algorithms, Devices, and Circuits: Harnessing Hardware's Natural Physics

Full Solution

Enabling complete algorithms with the full power of hardware's inheret physics


Capable of autonomous 

updates independent of clocks


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